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Gem Strike II

Gem Strike II



In stock, IMMEDIATE DESPATCH unless stated otherwise.  

In stock, IMMEDIATE DESPATCH unless stated otherwise.


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The introduction of Strike marks a major advance in maintaining pigeon health and condition. It is not an antibiotic but a unique combination of natural plant derived sulphur containing compounds and avian specific lactic acid bacteria.

The plant extract helps prevent the spread in the intestine of pathogenic micro organisms, however, the truly remarkable thing about this plant extract - which is called allicin, - is that it is completely harmless to the friendly bacteria of the gut. The other ingredient is a live population of beneficial lactic acid bacteria able to colonise the intestine of the bird, the division of this activity makes Strike unique. In effect, Strike replaces the harmful bacteria in the gut and replaces them with beneficial types.

When would you as a pigeon fancier use STRIKE ?, the times of use are when its needed of course, say in the case of loose droppings which all lofts suffer from at various times of the year, usually when the birds are under some kind of stress from breeding, ill health or racing. We certainly recommend its use for 5 days before pairing birds up, and the same a couple of weeks before racing begins. It is the first thing any fancier should reach for when the birds are experiencing loose droppings or just generally looking 'sorry for themselves'.

If the loft has problems and antibiotics are being used (always use GEMTHEPAX at the same time), give the birds 2/3 days of STRIKE to help reseed the gut. This ensures that the bad bugs don't get a chance to re-establish themselves. STRIKE should be given at least once a week to your birds and we recommend every Sunday, this is important during racing as birds can often bring problems back from a stressful race or from other birds they have had contact with in the race basket. Remember the old saying "You are only as clean as your dirtiest club member". How very true that saying is, fanciers should be on their guard in this day and age as there is so much disease around, especially for young birds.

If you are experiencing trouble, our advice is to immediately put the birds onto GEMTHEPAX mixed onto the corn and STRIKE into the drinkering water. More often than not this will resolve the problem, but if it persists, have them looked at by a qualified avian veterinary surgeon. Never resort to indiscriminate use of antibiotics, it never pays in the long run.

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