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Gold Bird COLI-KILL 1000ml

Gold Bird COLI-KILL 1000ml


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Item Code:  GDB005
Brand:  Gold Bird International

Coli-Kill is excellent at preventing and fighting Salmonella and E-Coli infections.  By providing this unique formulation containing a combination of various organic acids and micro-elements in the right dose for drinking water, you are building a solid foundation for the health of your pigeons.

The drinking water pH for pigeons should be between 3.8 and 4.6.

REMEMBER!  Alkaline water in pigeons (above pH 7) can cause:

  • wet droppings (diarrhoea)
  • deregulation of digestion
  • excessive thirst
  • damage to the intestinal protective layer, which leads to dehydration
  • difficulties in solubility of given supplements or vitamins

The combination of acids in Coli-Kill lowers the pH in the pigeon's intestines and at the same time has an outstanding bactericidal effect. Keeping the gut environment in an acidic reaction is one of the ways to protect against pathogens (E. Coli, Salmonella).

When used regularly, the COLI-KILL ensures that bacteria such as trichomonada, salmonella and E-coli do not grow in water, which in turn reduces the need for antibiotic treatment to a minimum. COLI KILL is especially useful during the race of young pigeons and its systematic administration is a great intestinal prophylaxis, which effectively minimizes the incidence of young pigeons from the so-called 'adeno' disease of young birds, often occurring in stressful situations such as training young birds. It should be noted here that this product does NOT cure Adeno infections.

Dosage and way of use:

Racing Season: Add COLI-KILL for 2 consecutive days. 5ml per 2 litres drinking water.

Breeding Season: Add COLI-KILL 2 days a week. 5 ml per 2 litres drinking water

Composition (per 1000 ml):
Lactic acid 19mg/g
Propionic Acid 32 mg/g
Formic Acid 127 mg/g
Butyric Acid 17 mg/g
Ammonium formate 11 mg/g
Copper 0,6 mg/g
Zinc 0,6 mg/g

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