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Harkers Coxoid

Harkers Coxoid



In stock, IMMEDIATE DESPATCH unless stated otherwise.  

In stock, IMMEDIATE DESPATCH unless stated otherwise.

RRP: £39.99  Saving of:  £4.00 (10%)

Item Code:  HK007
Brand:  Harkers

Treatment and prevention of Coccidiosis, often known as 'Going Light'.

A safe and rapid treatment for outbreaks. Coccidiosis in pigeons is characterised by progressive loss of colour. Paleness of mouth and throat and dull plumage.
Loss of weight may occur and droppings will appear discoloured and watery.

Water soluble treatment for coccidiosis added to the drinking water for 7 days.

Now only available in 112ml which treats 30 birds.

Contains Amprolium Hydrochloride 3.84% w/v


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