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Harkers Hormoform

Harkers Hormoform



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"Whatever the season, whatever the system, hormoform will put the icing on the cake"

What is Hormoform?
Hormoform is a feed supplement which is designed to supplement any mineral or vitamin deficiency in the basic diet of a racing pigeon.

What does it contain?
Hormoform is a compound of high energy fats and oils, animal and vegetable protein, yeast, cod-liver oil, malt extract, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, plus trace elements, all mixed into a cut wheat base.

When do I need to feed Hormoform?
Hormoform quite easily fits in any feeding system and it is an excellent product to use when breeding and racing. Fanciers cannot believe the difference in their young birds when feeding Hormoform.

How is Hormoform introduced?
Hormoform is best fed on its own and not mixed with the main diet, although it does mix well with smaller seeds. If you haven't used Hormoform before, introduce in gallipots before pairing. The pigeons may be a little shy at first but they will soon get used to it and by the time they are feeding young they will relish it. As the youngsters grow the Hormoform intake should increase to around 20% of the diet.

Is it necessary to carry on feeding Hormoform when the youngsters are weaned?
Hormoform will play an important part of the young birds' diet and will be a great aid when the young birds are growing and developing. Around 12% of the diet should include Hormoform all the way through the young birds' programme.

How do I feed Hormoform to the old bird racers?
There are different ways to feed Hormoform during the old bird racing season. If you feed in troughs on the floor then a gallipot of Hormoform on the floor on an ad lib basis is excellent. The pigeons will take it when they require and would normally eat up to 15% of their total diet. Widowhood pigeons fed separately in their boxes can receive around 1 teaspoon per day either before or after their main meal, although many successful long distance fanciers increase this amount for the longer races.

Is Hormoform important for the moult?
Hormoform included in the diet during the moult is a big advantage. Hormoform contains methionine which plays an important role when new feathers are being grown. Feathers are made up of a protein called Keratin which contains large amounts of sulphur, which is absorbed from the methionine in the diet.

The typical analysis of Hormoform is as follows:
- 12% protein
- 8.8% oil
- 5.1% fibre

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