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De-Scheemaeker Natural Naturavit Plus

De-Scheemaeker Natural Naturavit Plus



In stock, IMMEDIATE DESPATCH unless stated otherwise.  

In stock, IMMEDIATE DESPATCH unless stated otherwise.

Item Code:  DES005
Brand:  Natural

A multi-vitamin complex formulated in optimal quantities and well balanced proportions to meet the vitamin requirements of racing pigeons.

The composition of Naturavit Plus, being based on the most recent scientific research, guarantees that the pigeon will receive a balanced supply of the entire range of vitamins, including the following, essential ones:

* Vitamin B1, which permits the degradation of fatty acids and carbohydrates. The heightened metabolism of the pigeon, particularly during the racing season, highlights the enormous importance of this vitamin.

* Vitamin D, which plays an important part in the regulation of the phosphocalcium metabolism.

* Vitamin A, is essential for the growth of young pigeons and has anti-infectious and anti-parasitic effect.

* Vitamin E, which is indispensable to optimal muscle and nerve function with a positive influence on fertility

* Vitamin K, is anti-haemorrhagic. The diet of pigeons kept in aviaries should be enriched with this vitamin.

Naturavit Plus is wholly soluble in water and pleasant tasting.
Naturavit Plus allows a rapid and complete absorption of vitamins by the pigeon. Regular administration of Naturavit Plus protects the pigeon against avitaminosis and will result in maximum racing performances.
Naturavit Plus is a multi-vitamin complex of outstanding quality and stability. It is manufactured and guaranteed by Hoffmann-La Roche.


During the breeding and moulting seasons
One measure of Naturavit Plus per 2 litres of drinking water during 1 day per week.

During the racing season
One measure of Naturavit Plus per litre of drinking water, preferably two days before the day of basketing.
After a difficult race it is advisable to mix one measure of Naturavit Plus per litre of drinking water, the day after the pigeons returned.

After any treatment for a disease
After any treatment it is important to administer vitamins to the pigeons for three days. In this case one measure of Naturavit Plus must be given per litre of drinking water.

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