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Oropharma Ideal Bath Salts 1kg

Oropharma Ideal Bath Salts 1kg


In stock at 6am this morning  

In stock at 6am this morning


Item Code:  ORO041
Brand:  Oropharma

Versele Laga Oropharma Ideal Bathsalt is an orange bath salt. This care product makes the feathers supple, relaxes the muscles, promotes down moult and removes flakes from the skin. Adding Ideal Bathsalt to the bath water gives the pigeons supple feathers and helps them to maintain the strength and water-resistant function of the plumage.

Directions for use

  • 1 tablespoon of Ideal Bathsalt per 10 litres of water.
  • Winter season: 1 bath a week.
  • Racing season: 1 or 2 baths a week.
  • Moulting period: 2 baths a week.
  • Give a free and cold bath, preferably in the morning. Make a warm bath obligatory after the race.
  • Freshen the solution after each bath.
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