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Rohnfried Gerwit W Multivitamin

Rohnfried Gerwit W Multivitamin



In stock, IMMEDIATE DESPATCH unless stated otherwise.  

In stock, IMMEDIATE DESPATCH unless stated otherwise.


Item Code:  ROH015
Brand:  Rohnfried

Gervit W

More Vitality and Zest for Life

Gervit W can be used all year round and also after antibiotic use or illness.

Gervit-W is suitable for drinking water or for grain feeds.

It is used to compensate the vitamin deficiency (only grain feeding) during the breeding season, racing season, moulting time, during exhibition period and during unfavorable seasons.

Similarly, a supplementary feeding of Gervit-W is recommended to increase the vitamin requirements during or after antibiotic use or illness.

Feeding Recommendations:

• Gervit-W is applied during the breeding period and racing season: 2 times a week (2-filled cupscrew = 10 ml Gervit-W for 2 litres of water or 1.5 kg grain feed).
• During the remaining times Gervit-W should be given once a week.
• To compensate the increased vitamin needs, during or after using antibiotics or illness, Gervit-W should be given several times per week.
• During the racing season, on the basketing day, Gervit-W should not be used.
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